Archery Tag

Larpen ‘Light‘: Sherwood vs. Nottingham

Archery Tag: Wat

Archery Tag, also called Arrow Battle or Arrow Tag, is a special archery workshop. Hunt your opponent with bow and arrow! We use special Larp arrows for this. These arrows have a soft foam tip and (under conditions) safe to shoot at each other.

Archery Tag: Sherwood vs. Nottingham is a species of LarpenLight': experience the Larp battles, without the role-playing. For the atmosphere, wear a costume to move in the world of Robin Hood.

Compete in teams against each other and take that victory!

Sherwood vs. Nottingham

The freebooters from Sherwood Forest are the Nottingham soldiers on the trail. The sheriff of Nottingham has just taken back taxes. To the freebooters to take away that treasure and distribute it among the (both) poor. But beware: among the soldiers are also excellent archers…

Archery Tag: Hoe

Archery Workshop

  • Handing out costume, mask, arrows and bow
  • Archery lessons in 10 steps
  • Practice archery on a target
  • Practice archery on each other

Challengers tournament

  • Form teams (4-6 participants per team)
  • Different types of 5-10 minute matches


5 quarter

10-40 participants

v.a. 24,50 euro p.p.

Landgoed Zonheuvel, Doorn or your own location

Also available in English

Sword Tag & Battle Tag

Also try Sword Tag, now with Larp swords and axes instead of Larp arrows. Of combineer Archery Tag en Sword Tag in het epische Battle Tag.

Suitable as

  • team building activity,
  • stag,
  • birthday activity or
  • friends outing


24,50 p.p.


Accompaniment and costumes / game attributes


34,50 p.p.

Standard +

In front of the country house on estate Zonheuvel, Doorn

Outdoor Lunch

54.50 PP.

Outdoor +

Lunch buffet
coffee / tea

Outdoor Dining

72,50 p.p.

Outdoor +

BBQ of
3-course dinner


Archery Tag: Wie

Anyone (over 16 years old) can participate in this game.


Archery Tag is an outdoor game, which takes place in a wooded area. In that case, the game always takes place, even when it rains. In this case, transparent rain ponchos are provided that can be put on over the costume.

Our location

By default, the game takes place on the lawn in front of the country house of estate Zonheuvel in Doorn.

The site for the archery workshop, from Archery Tag, is easily accessible from Utrecht, Maarn, Doorn, Leersum, Amerongen, Veenendaal, Amersfoort and Zeist.

Your own location

We can organize Archery Tag: Sherwood vs. Nottingham also near you. This is in consultation. Archery Tag can be played as an indoor game. You can play archery Tag in Utrecht, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Zuid-Holland, Gelderland, Limburg, Noord-Brabant or even Ardennes.



Rated 5,0 out of 5
24 September 2019

We did archery tag as a bachelorette party activity and we all loved it! Carel's enthusiasm and all the medieval clothes and attributes made the experience complete!