Larp: Fantasy Heroes

Larp Introduction Adventure

Larpen: What

Do you really want to experience something special? As one team, go on an adventure in the wonderful world of King Oberon. A treasure, Magic and of course a prince(es)! Defeat evil monsters through role-playing and real sword fighting.

In short, all the ingredients for a special experience in the world of Lord of the Rings and Game Of Thrones.

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Larpen: How

Sword Fighting Workshop

Sword fighting with safe weapons

Workshop Rolinleving

Rules of the game, practice role play, split group into players and extras, costumes and role play


A game of posts in the forest with various challenges in a row. Extras set up a scene with the game supervisor. The meeting between players and extras takes place: role-playing, Magic and the sword fight. And at the end: the treasure!


3.5 hours

10-40 participants

v.a. 54,75 euro

Landgoed Zonheuvel, Doorn or your own location

Also available in English


Brave adventurers

Dwarf King Oberon has lost his treasure! Soon his daughter Princess Fiona is going to marry her charming Prince Valiant. But if there is no dowry, then the whole celebration will not go through. What brave warriors, trackers and wizards will help Oberon reclaim his treasure from his nemesis Mordred?

Suitable as

  • vrijgezellenfeest
  • birthday activity or
  • friends outing

Larpen als teambuilding activiteit: ga naar IntoTheMirror


t/m 10 600
>10 +49,50 p.p.



Costumes / Game Attributes

De Luxe

+10 p.p.

Standard +

Indoor location workshops

Unlimited coffee / tea

Standard Arrangement

+ 34,50 of 39,50 p.p.

Standard +

BBQ or 3- course diner

Arrangement De Luxe

+ 44,50 of 49,50 p.p.

De Luxe +

BBQ or 3- course diner


Larpen: Who

Anyone (over 16 years old) can participate in this Larp. The excellent game design ensures that everyone will find something in it during the adventure:

  • physical exertion,
  • creativity and
  • interesting puzzles.

Finally, collaboration and conviviality are central.


'Fantasy Heroes' is an outdoor game, which takes place in a forest. In principle, the game always finds passage, even when it rains.

Our location

By default, the adventure takes place in the forest of the Zonheuvel estate in Doorn. You can rent an indoor space where the workshops can take place if you expect wet weather. Then choose the deluxe version of Fantasy Heroes.

Landgoed Zonheuvel offers the possibility to use a BBQ or 3-course dinner in the restaurant of the estate afterwards. If you want to use that, choose one of the two packages.

Other locations

We can also organize the Larp in your area. Conditions are a space for the workshops (indoor or outdoor) and a forest of at least 2 hectares. This is in consultation. For example, you can LARP in Utrecht, Amsterdam, North Holland, South Holland, Gelderland, Limburg, North Brabant or even Ardennes.


Rated 5,0 out of 5
2 April 2024

Bij deze wil ik je nogmaals onwijs bedanken voor de onwijs geslaagde middag. Carel, je hebt echt een ontzettend gaaf concept zo op poten gezet, laagdrempelig en toegankelijk voor iedereen. Dus helemaal te gek!!!

Rated 5,0 out of 5
3 July 2023

Carel!!!! It was really MEGA!!! We will talk about this for a long time 😅 😁 👌 🏼

Rated 5,0 out of 5
20 June 2022

We had a fantastic afternoon under the guidance of Carel. The build-up was perfect with the swordplay and a role-playing game. The final real-life game was a lot of fun for everyone and was great for all levels. from someone down in the group to The Bachelor who already had some experience. Definitely recommended!