About us

We have a passion to introduce everyone to the phenomenon of Larp. We have succeeded in simplifying this complex medium so that it is accessible to everyone. Even if you have nothing to do with it, we still offer you a great time.


That was not an easy process: it took no less than 20 years of playing and organizing Larp events and writing a book. And we succeeded! We managed to capture the essence of Fantasy Larp in a two-hour adventure. Full of Larp cliché, recognizable moments, Winks and action.

We have offered many hundreds of participants a unique experience in recent years. Most of them greatly appreciate the Larp. They all feel like 'Fantasy Heroes'afterwards.

Then who?

We focus on groups that reserve an experience exclusively. Individuals are referred to the Larp community. There are many dozens of organizations where you can LARP almost every weekend. More information: Larp platform.

Larpen.nl is an initiative of IntoTheMirror. We work exclusively with experienced game supervisors who have earned their stripes in the Larp world. In addition, they deal with you professionally: hospitality, providing security and responding to the needs of the group are important competencies.

Only LARPs?


In addition to the traditional Fantasy Larps for groups, we also organize Larp-derived activities. Sword Tag and Archery Tag consist only of the action of a Larp. Let's leave the interactive story and role-playing behind.

The puzzles

Escape Rooms are the puzzles with a story, but without the role-playing of a Larp. With our escape Larps 'After the heist' and 'Agatha's Inheritance' offer a combination of LARPs and Escape Rooms.


LARPing can also be done in themes other than Fantasy. We also organize 'Hele Ons Dorp Bakt ' and 'Space Heroes'.


But of course! We try to think along with you to add a personal note within the existing concepts. A custom Larp is also possible. Keep in mind that making a Larp takes many hours of development and production. That affects the necessary budget for such an activity.