Rules for cooperation with IntoTheMirror

(also known as: general terms and conditions)

We will (hopefully) do business with each other! Here are some rules by which we want to work with you. In this case, it is mainly about our workshops. Or you want to use our other expertise in the field of (serious) gaming and hire us for a certain time (hours or parts of the day). If we are going to develop an experience for you, different rules apply (general terms and conditions for design).

Supply & Demand

You have a question for us. Try to give an answer in the form of an offer. We do this in an offer. We give you a general picture in the description. In the financial overview are the hard facts: what are you going to get at what price in euros (and the VAT). The offer is non-binding and is valid for 14 days. If you do not let us know during that period, the offer will automatically stop.

Yes, I want to...

If you want to make use of this offer, please let us know by e-mail. Oral is also allowed, but we would very much like a confirmation on (digital) paper. That email constitutes the agreement between you and US. The number of participants you indicate is the starting point for changes or cancellations. The location, date and time are also important appointments that we record at that time.

Things on your side go sideways...

That can happen. If you want to change the date, you will be charged if third-party cancellation policies apply. Are you coming with fewer participants and the price is per participant? Up to 1 week before the start, you can cancel 10% (rounded up) of the number stated in the agreement for free.

Are you coming with even fewer participants? Then you pay a part of their participation price: 50% up to 1 week before the start, then 100%. Yes, we use a  minimum Game price for our workshops; you always pay that.

Who = Who?

To be clear, if you are a group enters into the agreement, then we do that with you personally or the legal entity on whose behalf you it does. We are IntoTheMirror. We come from Maarn and The Room of Commerce knows us by our number: 66061644.

No, I really don't want to...

If you decide for any reason to withdraw from our offer after agreeing to the agreement, you will pay 50% of the game Price and the possible cancellation costs of third parties up to 1 week before the start. After that you pay 100%. Never fun, but necessary. Remember, we'd rather get to work for you!

And then pay...

We will send you an invoice that must be paid no later than 7 days before the start. Sometimes we make an exception, such as for hiring or for consumptions. Then you make sure that the payment is made within 14 days after the invoice date.

Do not pay (on time), then...

...we get cranky. Then we go to you remember (once forgotten human, can happen). Do you then pay not yet, then you have to pay extra for the effort we are going to make now still get our money. We follow this law standardization extrajudicial collection costs and Decide compensation for extrajudicialsimilar collection costs.

And then we go for and/or work with you

We will do our best to meet your expectations. We can hire others to help us with this. We assume that you have fully informed us before we begin. We don't like surprises.

But if they do occur, we will improvise a suitable solution on the spot and in consultation with you. Additional costs May, to reason, be charged. In principle, an adjustment of what is offered does not lead to a discount. But the possibility of coulance is always open!

Things on our side go sideways...

It will be different if we make real mistakes. We think that a discount is appropriate because we have not met your expectations. Force majeure (unexpected traffic jams, for example) applies as a mitigating circumstance. If we do nothing for you, you will get your money back.

Weather forecast: rain

Bad weather is not a reason to cancel an outdoor workshop, except in the event of a thunderstorm. In a forest, for example, that is really too dangerous. In such cases, we plan a new moment to experience the workshop. If we do not work out together, then a refund will follow, or you will get your money back (minus the cancellation costs of third parties).

Important: liability

We do our best to provide a safe environment. But we do find you and the other participants participate at your own risk. If one of you still suffers damage, then the cost of it is for yourself. Unless we have been negligent or intentionally caused that damage. We are insured, but up to a certain maximum. We pay this out as much as possible through our insurer.

Damage that you or one of the other participants inflicts on third parties, for example the location, for which they themselves are liable. We expect that you have insured yourself for this or that the employer guarantees it.

Oh yes, if one of you deliberately breaks our game materials or costumes, we will charge you the new value + 25% for the effort.

Larp weapons and safety

Larp weapons are used during outdoor workshops. You'll get a safety briefing. You should always follow them. If not, we will exclude you from further participation in the physical activity (you will not receive a refund). We really don't want accidents. Finally, you are not allowed to participate if you are under the influence of drugs or if you have drunk alcohol excessively.

During the outdoor workshop you can be hit by a Larp weapon. If you as a participant are limited in your possibilities, you are responsible to indicate this to us. You will then be excluded for safety reasons from participating in the physical activity that involves the use of those Larp weapons. We try to involve you in the experience in a different way, passive or active.

I'm pregnant...

Congratulations! But pregnant women are excluded from participating in physical activities with Larp weapons. The remaining participants are forbidden to hit you with Larp weapons. With these rules of the game you can still participate with a Larp. However, in order to completely eliminate the risk of being hit, you must refrain from participating. Safety comes first. You will receive a refund of the game price (minimum price remains applicable).

The last word

We have the last word in   discussions about Game rules, play and safety during the workshops. If you still do not agree, then there is nothing left but to get out of the game. Sorry, but we respect your choice.

Dutch law is the rules of the game for these rules of the game. If we are looking for a referee because we do not agree, we choose a judge in Utrecht. But despite the fact that we disagree with each other, we still try to get out together. We don't think anyone likes having to go to such an arbitrator (except our lawyers...).


We take your personal data seriously. We mainly use them to organize and pay for the workshop. And maybe that we send you a promotional email very occasionally. Go to our website for the privacy.